Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan 2013-2032 was 'made' (adopted) on 3 April 2020 and is now used to help determine applications for development in Farnham.

You can access a copy via the link below

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix 2 including proposed development sites

Appendix 3 including proposed business sites

Appendix 4 including neighbourhood centres

Housing development sites included in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

Red boundary defines the Built Up Area boundary

Waverley Local Plan

Local Plan Part 1

The Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites (LPP1) sets out the Council's spatial framework for delivering the development and change needed to realise our vision for development in Waverley up to 2032.

View Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites

LPP1 replaces a number of policies from Local Plan 2002. Some of the Local Plan 2002 policies have been retained until the adoption of Local Plan Part 2.

Local Plan Part 2

Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) will form the second stage of Waverley's new Local Plan. Together with Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites (LPP1) this document will replace the 2002 Local Plan.

LPP1 specifies the overall spatial strategy for development and growth in Waverley, and allocated strategic sites. LPP2 will provide the more detailed 'Development Management' policies, review a suite of local designations and will allocate sites needed for housing or other uses in certain areas of Waverley.

Timetable for Local Plan Part 2

Pre-submission consultation (closed)

The pre-submission consultation on Local Plan Part 2 began ran from 27 November 2020 to 29 January 2021. You can still view the documents below.

Download the Draft Submission Local Plan Part 2


View the consultation responses

Evidence documents

What happens next?

The Council is currently going out for a further consultation on the proposals for Haslemere, once this has been completed the Council will submit the Local Plan Part 2 to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for examination by an appointed Inspector.